Glossary of Terms

The higher the Colour Rendering Index (on a scale of 0-100), the more natural the lit object appears. A low colour rendering will alter the perceived colour of an item.

Correlated Colour Temperature (measured in degrees Kelvin) describes the visual warmth or coolness of light. Lamps with a warm appearance have a CCT of 2700-3000K. The higher the number, the whiter or cooler the light appears.

Lux, or illuminance, is a measure of how many lumens is emitted over a square metre. In terms of how much light is reaching a surface, 1 lumen per square metre equals 1 lux.

Circuit Watts is the number of watts used to power a circuit, rather than just the luminaire.

Only a proportion of the light emitted from a light source will emerge from the light fitting; some is lost inside. This is known as the Light Output Ratio.


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