WEEE Regulations

Under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations, fluorescent tubes and high intensity discharge lamps must be disposed of safely. One of the services we offer is to collect lamps for recycling. You can find out more about WEEE on the Health and Safety Executive's website, and more about waste legislation on the Environment Agency's website.

Energy & Power Saving Systems

One of our services is to arrange a free survey of electrical efficiency at a plant's source. Power Factor Correction will give real savings on monthly utility bills. For further details visit the EnergyAce (formerly Power Efficient Systems) website.


We supply a wide spread of markets, for example: installers, retail stores, the NHS, universities, facilities management, food manufacturing, petrochemical, transport logistics, brewing, printing and dairies. Our business aim is to help our customers, and our services are designed to be customer-specific, so that real benefits are provided.

Services We Provide Include...

Consignment Stock
Where essential materials are located and replenished on your site for instant availability.

Customer Dedicated Inventory
Where essential components are always ready for immediate delivery.

Lamp Recycling
Where we collect used lamps and tubes for recycling, with full audit trail.

Free Energy Management Surveys
For Power Factor Correction or Dynamic Voltage Optimisation, with full turnkey solutions and clear payback expectations.

Lighting Surveys
Professional advice and schemes on site for energy saving and improved performance of lighting.

Order Scheduling
Phased delivery and routine scheduling of forward orders.

Free Same Day Delivery
Our Rapid Response service delivers same day on any stock item.

Technical Support
Whatever the problem, we provide experienced technical support on site with the right solution.

Bespoke Accounts Package
Your specific requirements for orders, invoices, statements and payment routes are researched and agreed.